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There's no need to have two flag queues (one for meta, and one for main) for moderators to check. There's also no need to have two edit queues, if suggested edits were allowed on meta sites. We should have one flag queue and one edit queue for both main and meta SE 2.0 sites.


Most of these sites have a low traffic level and low participation. How low traffic are they? Moderators get pinged in their global inbox for questions on Meta sites because we're desperately trying to make sure that any traffic is successful. Our meta traffic is picking up rapidly, but it's nowhere near the point that it's sensible to check meta's flag queue.

The Problem

The flag and edit queues are currently separate on the meta and main sites. This reduces the flag handling time, and is yet another queue for mods to check. The undesirability of a separate edit queue is used to justify the lack of suggested edits on meta sites.

The Solution

The flag queue on meta should be integrated with the main site flag queue. Additionally, suggested edits should be implemented on meta, and this queue integrated with that of the main site.

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Note: SO and MSO do not apply here. – Kevin Vermeer Oct 20 '11 at 16:10
I think you meant that it increases the flag handling time? – Jefromi Nov 7 '13 at 1:58
How often do you visit your meta(s)? While you can rely on the notifications to tell you about new questions, they won't tell you about other changes like new answers (or, currently, flags). If you're visiting meta regularly I don't understand the need; if you're not visiting meta regularly, maybe there are reasons beyond flags to do so? – Monica Cellio Mar 13 '14 at 15:29

While we didn't have a single flag on meta.crypto in all time¹, according to our moderator tools (though I think I did flag something before becoming moderator), I think this is a good idea.

Not being able to edit on metas where I don't have the required reputation (and where I'm not moderator) already did hinder me some times.

Suggesting edits on meta pages should not give any reputation, of course.

¹This has changed since I originally answered the question: now (march 2014) we collected 11 flags in total.

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Indeed, the low flag volume on meta is exactly why the queues should be merged. Moderators are very unlikely to even see flags on meta because they're not used to looking for them. – Jefromi Nov 7 '13 at 1:57

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