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Shouldn't questions closed as dupe's show up lower on the search rank than the questions they are duplicates of? For eample, search for Free Books, the second result is Are there any free C# e-books available online? which was closed as a duplicate of What are some good free programming books? which was merged with List of freely available programming books, which shows up on fourth position in the list.

I mean they do both show up, but what is the value of listing the dupe in the search results in the first place?

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This is also why we have downvotes – random Oct 20 '11 at 16:26
<strike>Yay more questions to close.</strike> Locked...wouldn't you know it. – user7116 Nov 3 '11 at 13:19

Search algorithms are complex

Search is more complex than just sorting by rank or votes, search for freely books to get an idea.

If I search for down, I don't want down-votes to have preference over down in my results. This is exactly the behavior you see here, a result that has free gets preference over freely.

Downvotes influence the results

As random stated

This is also why we have downvotes

you can influence this by downvoting the question, take for example a look on the latest page of the search results and you will see that a lot of downvoted questions get to be there.

Why your idea is bad

Let's say a dupe of your question is called

Can we have less duplicated questions show up in the search?

then searching for duplicated questions search will not make your question show up but it will show the duplicate, this is one of the reasons it's handy to keep duplicates rather than deleting them.

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So if someone looked for "duplicated questions search", they should be linked to my question because that question was closed as a dupe of mine, no? With the "Can we have less duplicated questions show up in the search?" showing up lower in the results set because it was closed as a dupe (with answer pointing to mine). I didn't mean to suggest that they be removed from searches all together, more that the accepted answer gets higher priority. I'm sure that a evaluating whether an item should be included in a search result could additionally analyze it's "closed as dupe" branches. – Zeph Oct 20 '11 at 16:52
Your first question is a meta question on it's own. But please note that duplicates must remain accessible, as accessing the original just takes another click it shouldn't be much of a problem. Now, for the other part of your comment: As your question didn't show up in the search I gave as an example, there is no point in making the duplicate (which does show up in the first place) to show at a lower place. – Tom Wijsman Oct 20 '11 at 17:02

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