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For example, this question was initially posted with horrible formatting, and I mis-read the question. Thinking it was asking something different, I flagged as belonging on

When I realized my mistake, I felt it would be nice to remove the flag and reduce the moderators' queue. Since this feature does not exist, should a delete flag option be added to the user Flagging History page?

Without nit-picking over the exact text, I propose something similar to:

enter image description here

This option would of course only appear next to flags that have not been evaluated by a moderator.

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This question has been asked before and already has an answer. If those answers do not fully address your question, please ask a new question.

This would be useful for misclicks and adding extra information to flags (e.g. you flag NAA and then discover that all of the answers from this user are NAA 2 minutes later, but you can't flag the post you already flagged as "other" whilst you have a pending flag. You can raise a second flag on one of their other answers, but then the original NAA flag is superfluous) – Flexo Oct 22 '11 at 22:47
Was looking for this myself; placed a flag, but OP added additional information that made the flag invalid. The flag hasn't been reviewed yet, so I wanted to revoke it. – thaJeztah Mar 3 '13 at 9:55
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I think that this topic really needs to be revisited and considered - even if it were only added for users with a higher privilege or certain flagging weight. That, or possibly the addition of a new flag-status such as no longer applicable (instead of declined).

Misreading a question or answer, misclicking buttons (odd, but I can't rule that out), or flagging a blatantly wrong answer as "not an answer" and 30 seconds after it's flagged the poster updates it to have just enough date to make it relevant - these are all things that happen way more often than not and there they all count against you (if they're marked as declined).

To add a supporting question to your question - specifically regarding my last note, flagging a wrong answer (which is normally someone's attempt to be "first post", or someone who doesn't have the comment privilege yet): Why on earth can't we revoke a flag on an answer if it's been updated after we've flagged it?

For example, just yesterday I flagged an answer that was very obviously a question asking the OP for more information. Flagged as "not an answer", as it should have been. About 2 minutes later, the answer was updated with another question, but had a small block of code in it that was relevant to the OP's question - but still didn't answer the question. I looked and my flag was still there and I had no way to remove it. As assumed, it was declined. I followed the answer for this question and posted a second flag marked as other with an explanation that the answer was edited after my flag - hoping the moderator would balance out my score and mark my second flag as helpful - it was declined. So, now I have two declineed flags for the same answer =[

Again, I 100% agree that there needs to be more control over the flags that we post. I would be in support for the ability to revoke/delete a flag before it's been reviewed by a moderator, or even the logic to apply flag not applicable if the question/answer has been updated since it was flagged.

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I personally am using my iPad/iPhone (in the non-mobile-site view) about 75% of the time that I am on a SE site and therefore misclicks are frequent. I often click close/flag just to see certain info like which questons are the target of a duplicate flag (I believe the FAQ even suggests that you view close reasons in this manner). I often fat-finger my iPad/iPhone which has resulted in accidentally flagging 1 or 2 posts. Please implement this feature (but of course only for flags that are still "Waiting for review")!

This would also be useful for posts like this: Download a file part by part in Python 3 which I flagged for indicating it should be a comment, but then the answer was edited to include actual content, invalidating my flag (in my opinion) but the flag is still waiting to be reviewed and I cant "revoke" the flag.

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I also support this feature. I have been active for only a relatively short while on this site, but already ran into the situation 3 times where I correctly flagged a question, and then wanted to revoke it later because the TS updated his post with relevant information. Specifically for this question now - it was originally posted as a two-liner, just more or less saying "I've tried to create A and B, but I couldn't do it. How do I do it?". I flagged it, and then 10 minutes later the topic starter adds all his code, with inline comments explaining it. As it became a valid question now, I'd like to revoke the flag, instead of having to wait until the flag is declined and my flag weight thus decreased.

I propose the following features be implemented:

  1. Always allow revoking a flag within 5 minutes of placing it, to prevent misclicks or allow to correct for interpretation errors.
  2. Give flaggers the permanent right to revoke a flag after the question was edited, by anyone.
  3. Consider giving a notification when a previously flagged post was edited (at least by the topic starter).
  4. If a flag was declined after the post was edited after the flag was placed, do not impose a flag weight penalty.

In situation 2 you could consider having it marked as 'no longer applicable' instead, for historic purposes but no longer causing moderation penalties.

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