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Sometimes I find automatic flags about identical answers (I guess they are automatic, as I am not a moderator, and there isn't a flagging reason for identical answers). For example, the following flag is reporting that this answer is identical to this other answer, both given from the same user.


Effectively, the answer given in a question is the carbon copy of the answer given in the other question, but the questions are different: Adding a Drupal field is different from adding a textfield.

What am I supposed to do in these cases? I verify if the questions are not duplicates, and if they are not duplicates, I flag the flag as invalid. Is there something more I should do?

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That flag is indeed automatically generated by the system; so... if you think the answer is fine and applies to both questions, and the question itself wouldn't benefit from a merge/close-as-duplicate, then sure: just disagree.

Occasionally, we get a spate of someone adding the same answer to every recent question in, say, a particular tag (typically, spamming it). If that isn't the case, then fine!

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