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It's my assumption that the Meta privilege pages act as templates for the rest of the network.

With this background, I had updated the Edit Privileges wiki on Meta on October 14th.

edit privileges page on Meta

However, Stack Overflow still seems to show the old privilege page - why is this so?

Edit privileges page on Stack Overflow

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btw @waffles the set-bounties wording is different on meta & on Super User, can you please push the changes? – Sathya Jan 4 '12 at 6:38
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Not strictly a bug, you just need to ping waffles to get updates pushed.

I always review the changes prior to pushing this across the network, it is too risky to automate this.

I just updated our templates, will be pushed tomorrow.

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thanks @waffles :) – Sathya Oct 25 '11 at 11:06
Ping - see here please. :) – Shadow Wizard Apr 16 '12 at 7:16
@ShaDowWizArd - I just happened to see this from the other thread, it'll be in the next build. Waffles is travelling but PRIVILEGE WIKIS WILL LIVE ON! – Nick Craver Apr 16 '12 at 11:00
@Nick cheers! Didn't know devs can actually travel aka have a life... :D (on a more serious note, any better way to inform devs of such changes?) – Shadow Wizard Apr 16 '12 at 11:09
@ShaDowWizArd - nah this is just fine...I saw it by my morning meta browsing, as it should be. Expect things to be a bit slower this week though, everyone from around the world is headed to NYC for our yearly meetup starting today/tomorrow. – Nick Craver Apr 16 '12 at 11:10

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