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- 65 questions, wiki excerpt but no wiki

- 427 questions, full wiki

The wiki excerpts are nearly identical, and is a more popular/well-maintained tag, so I suggest merging -> .

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You are the tag cleanup man aren't you! +1 to you good sir –  The Unhandled Exception Nov 2 '11 at 20:38
Related: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/163975/… –  Ilmari Karonen Jan 17 '13 at 16:52

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They should indeed be synonym, but the processing tag needs to be watched closely, as it's highly ambiguous, as Save a specific part of a huge text file (over 2GB) shows; in that case, processing is used for a question about processing a text file.

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It would rather be better to change in .
is being used on questions like Lego Mindstorms: gnu noSuchPortException after severl successful attempts which has nothing to share with Processing.

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