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Could you add to ?

Even if symlink is more often used I think softlink is the official term. Now vice vesa. In Mention of Kevin Vermeer posting I exchanged the two tags. I didn't checked which term is more common.

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Symlink, short for symbolic link, is the official terminology according to the POSIX specification:


symlink - make a symbolic link to a file

I'd never heard of a softlink until today. It seems to be the logical opposite of a hard link (which would be 'soft link', which ought to result in the tag , right?), but the official name on Linux, Mac, and Windows for these files is symlink.

I note that the Wikipedia article does mention soft links:

In computing, a symbolic link (also symlink or soft link)

but it only does this in the introduction, in the reference to the Amiga OS (where they are called soft links), and in a reference to what I can only assume is a misguided Linux tutorial.

Additionally, there are 338 questions tagged , and 10 questions tagged . There is already a synonym mapping to . I could support mapping to , but not the other direction.

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I personally know symink only in a linux context, but you are right that must have a sense that symlink is more often used than softlink. I will exchange the two tags. – rekire Nov 4 '11 at 8:35

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