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Yesterday I rolled back this answer and, as it was my first rollback, got the "cleanup badge" and all was well in the world.

However, when I go to my "activity" tab I can't find any trace of the rollback, only the fact I got the badge. Is a rollback not an action that needs to be logged/easily findable? In my case this was rolling back some self-vandalism of a post and I wanted to keep an eye on it.

Maybe this could come under the "revisions" tab...or if it is already present and I just can't find it please say.

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There is also this question but from July 2009 and has no "definitve" answer, apart from the idea that rollbacks don't add anything new. – tombull89 Nov 3 '11 at 10:10

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This will happen in the next build, we couldn't find a reason they were consciously left off, we just didn't consider them...because, well, we didn't. They'll now be included.

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Much appriciated. – tombull89 Nov 15 '11 at 8:51

Considering that edits to posts show under the action of "revised" I'd definitely consider this a revision/edit, IMO, therefore rollbacks should definitely be there.

Additionally, it's activity of the user. This definitely falls under the category of activity that the user performed.

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