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- 354 questions, just suggested a wiki excerpt

- 2 questions, no wiki

Is there any difference between these two tags? I assume that they are both used for questions related to using the API. I suspect that one has just become vastly more popular than the other for some reason, or perhaps that is just a newly-created and redundant tag.

If there is no discernible difference then I suggest we merge -> .

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Here's the thing: as a developer, you could choose the hard route and build a program that complements OpenOffice or uses OpenOffice file formats without using their published api. This indicates to me that perhaps two distinct tags are warranted.

However, I'll hazard a guess that a large number (more than half?) of the current questions should really fit under openoffice-api. And given the low number of openoffice-api questions, I think the most expedient solution here is to just retag those two questions and be done with it.

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Questions about the file formats would be better tagged opendocument (now 21 questions), wouldn't they? – Paŭlo Ebermann Nov 7 '11 at 16:12

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