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Duplicate titles are now plain forbidden. I do think that it's a good thing in most instances. But a blanket ban like this is annoying sometimes.

Case in point:

“Perfect” here means that I wanted to use user B's title on user A's question. Question A had answers while question B didn't, so I voted to close question B as a duplicate of A and not the other way round, even though question B was better worded overall. (Merging isn't an attractive option, the questions are similar enough to have similar solutions but have different example data.)

My edit to give question A the title of question B was not accepted due to the title duplication. I had no reason to edit question B, and every reason. What I ended up doing was a minor grammatical variation on the title. Is this the best we can do?

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In general, it's damned irritating that the title filters apply to edits. – Josh Caswell Nov 8 '11 at 3:16

For now it seems the best course of action is to close the most recent question (in this case question B) as a duplicate of the oldest.

People will notice that the question got closed for being a duplicate and the ones that are interested in the subject will follow the duplicate link, regardless of how good&clear the title of the original question is, and there they'll have the opportunity to make their contributions.

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