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The tag (333 questions) is currently used in two sets of questions that have little or no intersection. WPF and Silverlight apparently have classes by that name used to manage animation. At the same time, Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5 introduced a storyboard concept (and a UIStoryboard class) that's used to manage view controllers. Both draw inspiration from the storyboard concept used in movie making, but the uses are otherwise not related -- someone interested in iOS development wouldn't care about questions tagged with 'storyboard' related to WPF.

There are already two questions tagged , so one possibility is to retag questions with both and as . Another possibility would be to create , and .

Finally, we could leave alone and use it for all things storyboard-like.

Any thoughts?

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This tag is now at 745 questions and still ambiguous as ever. Can this question get some action? – jtbandes Feb 18 '12 at 16:14

Using for questions that are about completely different technologies doesn't make sense: If it possible, I would use the name of the class as tag name; when this is not possible because a class with the same name is used in different frameworks, then I would use a suffix to distinguish for which framework the tag is used.

In this case, I would use , , and . As pointed out from Kevin Vermeer, , and are even better, as they would allow users to filter out the questions basing on the framework/technology they are referring to. This schema is already used from other tags, such as , .

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Why not use wpf-storyboard and silverlight-storyboard, to allow filtering on [tag:wpf-] [tag:silverlight-]? I suspect that far more people will be interested in questions about just wpf (4.1k followers) or silverlight (2.6k followers) than about [tag:storyboard-*]. As you noted, using storyboard for questions about completely different technologies doesn't make sense. – Kevin Vermeer Nov 8 '11 at 18:26
Oh yes, that is even better. – kiamlaluno Nov 8 '11 at 18:29

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