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Essentially I'd like to see something like

Skill Level Hours

Ruby Adept 3,000

HTML Adept 8,000

CSS Adept 5,000

Javascript Intermediate 1,000

edit: I think it's a useful metric. Right now, people tend to use "years doing x". Hours is just more specific.

I think it's a nicer way to express your competency than just listing skills and jobs.

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Hours work with something != Experience with it. I can't tell if somebody with 20 years coding experience knows ssssss...stuff. – Time Traveling Bobby Nov 11 '11 at 15:52
seems like a simple, optional feature request, I find it astonishing that I got 9 downvotes – Scott Schulthess Nov 12 '11 at 18:14
Because measuring experience in hours is like measuring coding skill in lines of code written. – Time Traveling Bobby Nov 12 '11 at 20:16

How would you measure the hours experience? I remember reviewing a CV where the combined 'years' experience (which could be converted to hours) added up to over 330 years of experience.

I would also add that hours experience is indirectly related to skill levels, there is some correlation but the quality of the experience counts for a lot.

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I've seen incompetent people spend weeks working away on some task that should have only taken a matter of hours had they only had the skills/knowledge in the first place.

If I were an employer, all I could infer from "hours spent using skill X" is that candidate Y is probably more competent at skill X, but also possibly even less competent than candidate Z, about whom I know nothing of hours per skill.

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What would hours of experience really tell you though besides being a rough guideline? An hour worth of experience might be more productive for you than me for example. Wouldn't a better guide for experience be the questions and answers the user has provided for the relevant tags / experiences that he/she has listed? As these don't only show experience, but knowledge and understanding as well.

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