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For example: There were nine questions with the tag , and I've been doing my best to retag such posts with their proper tag. But at what point (how many questions) should I ask (in meta) about retagging before doing it myself?

In this case, I figured as it was just an obvious typo I'd fix it myself; but people keep using the tag, so I might have to request blacklist so it's not used...

My Questions:

  1. How many questions with an erroneous tag must exist before it would be "too many questions to self-moderate" within any sane definition?
  2. What would you do for the example tag above, what is the best solution to request? Burnination, Blacklist, Synonym (probably not for a typo....), Merger?
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Sounds like you want a tag synonym not a retag. If it's a mistake people are going to continue to make a tag synonym is superior. – Ben Brocka Nov 13 '11 at 3:12
Is it though? The tag is a typo, wouldn't a synonym be a bad thing? Also, are there two types of synonyms? Because sometimes I see both tags listed, and other times I just see the suggested tag; with "also: mytag" highlighted. The former being a good solution for this problem. And yes, people keep making this mistake; if you check my StackOverflow activity, you'll see that I just fixed yet another one of these. – cbroughton Nov 13 '11 at 3:15

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