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Not necessarily something I need as a user, but something I see as valuable to folks looking to hire via Careers 2.0.

Similar to how tag summaries are shown when searched for during the tagging of a StackOverflow post, why not provide those same tooltips on hover?

Potential benefits I see include:

  • Help recruiters / employers who might not be familiar with the technology.
  • Gives candidates a leg-up who may have similar or complex experience in an unfamiliar technology by highlighting what the technology does.
  • Encourage candidates to use more accurate and meaningful tags
  • Encourage the expansion of the tag library with technologies that might not be discussed often on SO.
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The problem with this idea (and it's not a bad idea!) is that the tags shown on careers are links, but they don't link to the same destination tags do on SO.

That is:

  • On SO, the tag links to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/javascript.

  • On Careers, if I'm searching for employees, the javascript link goes to http://stackoverflow.com/search?q=user:userID+[javascript]. That is, if I'm looking at Jason Punyon's CV, the javascript tag link goes to

  • On Careers, if I'm searching for jobs, the javascript link goes to http://careers.stackoverflow.com/jobs/tag/javascript.

Having all three display the same popover would, to me, imply that they all go to the tag wiki—and on Careers, they don't.

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