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I just tried to comment multiple times on "November 2011 Moderator Election: Town Hall Chat (scheduled)".

The intended comment was to be rendered as:

not "maderator nominations"

But instead, it was rendered as:

not "m**a**derator nominations"

I also tried the following variants, with no effect (rendered as you see here):

not "m*a*derator nominations"
not 'm**a**derator nominations'
not 'm*a*derator nominations'

Note there were other posts about similar behavior, but they were either marked as or were specific to placement of the bold/italics in relation to the quotes (usually right before/after them).

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not "maderator nominations" not "maderator nominations" not 'maderator nominations' not 'maderator nominations' – Bruno Bronosky Mar 25 at 20:01
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This has nothing to do with the quote signs. Nor with comments, for that matter; as you observed when posting your question, it's not working in regular post Markdown either -- just that here, you have the HTML tag workaround.

As for the reasons that this isn't working (which is indeed intentional), I refer you to Three Markdown Gotchas (in particular, point 1) and its follow-up Markdown, One Year Later.

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Is there a workaround for this, if I need to, say, bold a single letter of a word, or bold the first word of an italicized phrase in a comment? First words of italicized phrases seem "unboldable", yet words in the middle of a phrase turn to bold just fine. As someone who spends a lot of time on the language boards, this "gotcha" gets me rather often. (Typed as: _**First** words of italicized phrases seem "unboldable", yet words in the **middle** of a phrase turn to bold just fine_.) – J.R. Jan 21 '14 at 10:00
not "maderator nominations" ๐Ÿ‘ˆ If this was "indeed intentional" then someone changed the intent, because it is now working. I would suggest changing this from status-bydesign to status-completed Or am I missing something? – Bruno Bronosky Mar 25 at 20:00

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