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Using Google Reader I track a Careers RSS feed which searches for "linux cisco" and limits it to telecommute jobs. However the feed contains ads for non-telecommute roles.

Feed URL is

e.g. this role ended up in the feed

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I am not seeing the issue at the moment. It's possible that the employer who posted the job changed the telecommute setting. Let us know if it recurs.

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Checking Google reader just now none of the 8 new posts in the RSS feed are telecommute. They are… /jobs/15059/senior-hadoop-developer-quantcast /jobs/15072/software-support-engineer-onalytica /jobs/15071/senior-developer-search-and-advertising-synacor /jobs/15068/systemutvecklare-som-tror-p%C3%A5-en-uppkopplad-v%C3%A4rld-cybercom-‌​group /jobs/15080/java-developer-investor-analytics /jobs/15085/senior-developer-client-integrations-synacor /jobs/15084/devops-infrastructure-engineer-surveymonkey – Martin Barry Nov 15 '11 at 20:57

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