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There are 383 questions tagged and (compared to 606 questions tagged and ), where is wrongly used, as in Drupal "Views" is the name of a module (for which there is already ), and it is not used to refer to a database view (to which is referring).

Those questions should be retagged to use , which is the correct tag to use. There are 127 followers for , and only 12 for ; those 127 followers are users who can answer to Drupal questions, while between the 12 followers there are few users who can answer to Drupal questions (if not none).
I have already changed the excerpt for , which now suggests to use for questions about the Views module.

This is probably a task for Stack Exchange developers, as only the questions using both and should be retagged. I have already added to questions that are about the Drupal module; still, manually retagging those questions would require time, if we want to avoid that 383 are suddenly bumped in the front page. I think that I have read on Meta Stack Overflow that, in such cases, it should be asked to do the retagging by altering the database.

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Although the tag wiki says so, the views tag doesn't really seem to be restricted to DB views. I see at least as many questions referring to the V in MVC etc. – balpha Nov 16 '11 at 9:20
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It seems like there should be at least 3 tags:

Or, it might make it easier to select the right tag if they were:

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The schema I see used is the one used with drupal-views. I think it helps who wants to filter out the unwanted tags, who could use, e.g., "drupal-*" as ignored tags. – kiamlaluno Nov 20 '11 at 15:02

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