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In ServerFault chat, we were playing around figuring out rep/answer for some of the top users. Chopper3 was in the room and I posted what I thought his rep per answer should be by simply dividing rep by questions answered. He got a different number. After figuring out that we can both do basic math, we realized that he sees a different number for Answers on his own profile than we do. The first screen cap is mine, the second is his.

Another user, (Iain), confirmed that he sees what I see on Chopper3's profile. When Iain and I inspect each other's profiles, we see the expected results with no discrepancy. Does this have something to do with Chopper3 being a diamond mod?

What's the cause for this discrepancy? The screen caps were taken a few seconds apart.



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I see 2024 as well. Perhaps his view includes deleted answers? – Shawn Chin Nov 16 '11 at 14:44
I'd guess that being a mod, his deleted answers could be shown in his view (and not in mere mortal views). – Mat Nov 16 '11 at 14:44
@Mat has it. Moderators see deleted questions and answers in the profile lists. This will be the cause of the discrepancy – ChrisF Nov 16 '11 at 14:46
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Mods can see deleted answers in profiles, which may accounts for why chopper3 sees more answers than us plebs do.

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Has he deleted any of his answers? If so, I think they will show when he views his own profile.

Nevermind, I just deleted this answer and that's not the cause; I don't see it in my own profile. Okay, I guess that really was the issue as Shawn said.

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