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I was-trying-but-failed-miserably to assemble a query for Stack Exchange to display all the questions where the OP also wrote an answer.

Preferably, the query would hide the results where a question has been officially answered (by clicking the checkbox) by the OP.

This query would be quite useful to uncover not an answer posts, usually made by new users. A lot of times I see that they add more questions to the thread by posting them as answers instead of posting them as comments.

Can a Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) wizard in-da-house to help a brother out?

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Due to the short amount of upvotes to the question (2 by the time this comment was posted) it seems that not many people have connected the idea of finding not an answer posts to useful flagging to earning the Marshal badge. This formula is probably one of the easiest ways to contribute to the site while working to get the badge. This made things so easy that I tried begging for more daily flags (didn't worked though), after a week or so of flagging I earned the badge #99, uhuw! – karlphillip Nov 30 '11 at 13:40
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Here's one i just wrote that lets you set a max score for the answer and max reputation for the poster

Here is a direct link with a default answer score of 5 and max reputation of 500.

And the original SQL:

SELECT TOP 1000 question.Id as [Post Link], answer.Id as [Post Link]
FROM Posts question
INNER JOIN Posts answer
ON question.Id = answer.ParentId
INNER JOIN Users poster
ON question.OwnerUserId = poster.Id
WHERE question.OwnerUserId = answer.OwnerUserId
AND question.AcceptedAnswerId != answer.Id
AND answer.Score < ##maxanswerscore##
AND poster.Reputation < ##maxreputation:int##
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Thanks, it's never been easier to find possible candidates to Not an answer! A couple of days later and I got the Marshal badge. I would upvote your answer 10x if the system allowed. – karlphillip Nov 30 '11 at 13:29

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