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I revise pretty much everything I write before I publish/post/send it. When I write comments, I sometimes have to move @name notifications around as a result of other edits. However, using the Tab name autocomplete automatically moves the text cursor to the end of the comment, which isn't the behavior I expect. I'd like for the cursor to appear at the end of the name so that I can keep typing as if I'd just typed the name in manually.

(In case this isn't happening to everyone: FF5/Win7 and FF7/Win7)

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+1 - Happening to me too on Chrome/WinXP – Oded Nov 18 '11 at 14:20
I see this on Safari 5.1.1/mac OS X 10.7.2. In my case, moving the cursor to the end of the comment was welcome, as I was writing the comment, and noticed I didn't use the @-reference; I added it, and I continued to edit the comment (the cursor was moved where I wanted it to be). – kiamlaluno Nov 18 '11 at 15:27

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Reasonable expectation – in particular because that's what happens in chat, and used to happen here as well.

The explanation of this bug is identical to this one. Fixed in the next build.

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