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It's easy to see in Fiddler that this isn't server based, so I'm guessing that this is some sort of jQuery wizardry.


  • Detection of when auto-complete should pop up
  • Determining the list of items that can be auto-completed and displaying them
  • Finishing auto-complete (whether it be because it's no longer applicable, or an item was inserted)
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There's an event handler that fires for key and click events, and checks whether the cursor is currently on a word that's preceded by an "@". If so, there's your first bullet point; if not, there's the third (note that even when an item was inserted, the cursor is still on the word, and the auto-completer is still there; otherwise you couldn't tab-cycle through the several users all starting with the same letter(s) you typed).

Regarding your second point: The chat JavaScript has a list of users it knows about, and chooses from them; the Q&A JavaScript just picks the usernames from the displayed comments. In fact, the comment auto-completer could almost 100% be implemented as a user script (and there actually was such a script, and I assume it did pretty much the same thing).

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Many thanks. I thought it was something along these lines; it's easy to figure out what the list should be, but the logic for when to pop up/etc is helpful, thank you. – casperOne Nov 18 '11 at 15:11

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