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Re this question; the OP reports that they didn't accept the bounty. The assumption then is that it was accepted by default upon expiration; this makes sense by the numbers, as (assuming that the +50 bounty bonus still applies, making +100 the minimum bounty), the fact that 50 was awarded again indicates the half-bounty for default selections.

However; the hover shows "The question owner accepted this as the best answer...".

Is this a glitch? Should this read auto-selected? Unfortunately, it isn't clear when the bounty was placed, so I can't say definitively whether it was auto-selected; accidentally selected by the OP; or cosmic rays...

Additional (feature-request): please add "created bounty of <x> on question <y>" to the (♦ moderator-only) user's log...

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The created bounty part is completed.

That other question has some severe fundamental problems IMO.

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