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I've now deleted two different answers of mine on Meta, and haven't seen a Peer Pressure badge. Does this badge not work correctly on Meta?

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I find that it takes awhile for the Peer Pressure badge to be awarded. Mine took about a week.

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Same experience here. – Troggy Jul 30 '09 at 23:05
Yes, either delay or bug: 20 hours ago a user deleted an answer (-3) here: serverfault.com/questions/50386/… and didn't get the badge. – splattne Aug 6 '09 at 11:58

You need to be sure that the posts had 3 more down-votes than up-votes.

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Well, someone has it...

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Hell yeah I do. I belong to the "My answer sucked and now I leave in shame" club. Btw, yesterday, I was a one-dude club. So that's four in the past day alone. Welcome, my fellow awful answerers! – Eric Jul 31 '09 at 12:05

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