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The tag is a synonym of , and has the description

A program to generate tags for a large project. These tags are usable by the Emacs text editor.

This is inconsistent: tags in that sense are always plural, i.e. etags, never etag. evidently refers to another concept, HTTP Etag.

Should remain a synonym of , and be about HTTP Etags, and should Emacs etags be tagged +? Or should the synonym be unmade, with HTTP Etags on and etags on ?

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25 questions in etag are also tagged with http, 30 with caching, 11 with http-headers, 8 with apache, etc. It's clear that the vast majority of questions in the etag tag are not about the Emacs/ctags feature, but about the HTTP ETag header. Either the Emacs/ctags feature needs to find a better tag name, or all of the questions -- the majority in the tag -- need to be moved over to http-etag. –  Charles Jan 20 '12 at 4:34

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There is also for the Http Etags...although it only has 2 questions, it does seem like the best option for this meaning of the tag

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