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This is not related to Deleting my own question

If I have a question which has a score, let's say 5, and no-one has answered the question.

  • What will happen if I delete that question?
  • Will I lose the points and badges gained through particular question?
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Why delete a question? You can edit it to make it better or set bounty to attract more attention.. – Shadow Wizard Nov 21 '11 at 13:08
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You will lose the reputation (though you may need to run a recalculation in order to see this).

Badges will not be lost, though if it is a badge that can be awarded multiple times you might not get awarded the next one that applies to the same conditions it was granted for on the deleted post.

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Badge will stay, but as far as I know, it will cause the next badge not to be granted. For example deleting question with 10 upvotes or more will cause the next question with 10+ to not grant the "Nice Question" badge as you have one "extra". – Shadow Wizard Nov 21 '11 at 13:07

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