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I added a comment to this SO question convert date format from 'DD\MM\YYYY' to 'MM\DD\YYYY' in SSIS

The OP replied to my comment but I didn't receive any notification in global inbox.

Is the commenter name case sensitive or are those three dots following my name prevented me from getting the notification?

I searched commenter notification case sensitive but didn't notice any question related to this issue. Just curious to know what happened here.

Comment posted by OP in response to my comment:


No notification in my inbox:

No notification

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No, it's not case-sensitive. The problem are the dots directly after the name, you need a space after the name so that it knows where your username ends. So @siva should work, what actually is there is @siva...can and that doesn't fit to your username.

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Far to quick for me. I had written "No" by the time you'd written & posted your answer :P – Matt Nov 23 '11 at 15:02
Thanks for your quick response. I thought it always used just the first three characters after the @ symbol to match the user name. I am curious to know why a space is needed to find where the commenter name ends. – user162697 Nov 23 '11 at 15:03

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