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If I go to my (newly designed) user page, on the reputation tab, if I click on one of the days that is not being fully displayed and click on it to get the drop down, I get an error box saying "An error occurred when loading post body." This occurs here in meta.SO, and also in math.SE and other sites. Here's a screen shot from meta.SO:

The error box

Edit: Firebug reveals that a request is made to this address (or similar of course) which returns a 404:

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Repro here, extended with further info. – Time Traveling Bobby Nov 23 '11 at 16:48
@Bobby: Thank you, and thanks for editing the image. – Arturo Magidin Nov 23 '11 at 17:47

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This was fixed in a build last night. We made a last minute change to put the calls Google shouldn't be crawling under /ajax/ (for lack of a better term), but the URL the reputation expansion hits to load got missed.

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Thank you for the update and the fix. – Arturo Magidin Nov 24 '11 at 20:19

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