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There are currently 48 questions tagged .

  1. 19 of them are closed (~40%).
  2. 11 of them are "plz-give-me-teh-resourcez/help-with-teh-resourcez".
  3. 9 of them are "I don't get this code explain plz" or "My code doesn't work explain plz".
  4. 9 of them are discussion/opinion-like questions that are more suited for Programmers at best (or not suited for any site at worst).

Number 3 is probably okay, but the others seem to suggest the tag generally doesn't exactly inspire confidence in the worthiness of the question. And wasn't the basically-a-synonym gotten rid of some time ago?

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FYI: I voted the closed ones for delete, voted the open and non-constructive or offtopic (programmers.se) ones for close, removed the tag from "real questions". And yes, the tag must be burninated. By the way, I also stumbled upon exercise tag in one of the questions. You might want to look at that as well. –  BalusC Nov 23 '11 at 18:01
Seems to be meta, which seems to be actively discouraged. –  Anthony Pegram Nov 23 '11 at 18:09

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