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After clicking Start a Bounty on a Super User question I'd previously bountied twice (once for 50, once for 100), I was presented with the normal dialog, but with no options in the bounty amount dropdown.

Clicking through to actually add the bounty led me to the Page Not Found error, presumably because it doesn't understand me trying to add a bounty for "" rep.

This doesn't seem to occur for any of my other questions, including those for which I've previously offered multiple bounties.

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This is correct in so far that you cannot start a bounty on this question, but of course the UI shouldn't behave in that way. This will be fixed in the next build

As to why you can't offer a bounty: Since the minimum bounty value is twice the amount you previously spent on a bounty on this question, and you have offered 100 rep before, you'll have to spend at least 200 this time. However, you currently only have 147 rep on Super User.

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