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The new user profile page is now live on Stack Overflow as well. Overall, it looks good, only I'm not sure about the answers tab. It's too empty when compared to the questions tab which causes that the line separators on the answers tab are much more disturbing than on all other tabs.

There are basically 2 options to fix this:

  1. Remove those line separators
  2. Or, add more information to each answer.

I tend to adding more information so that it's more nicely in line with the questions tab. I'm only not sure what kind of information could be added. Views? Question tags? Timestamps? An excerpt of the 1st paragraph? Referral links? Unicorns?

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Yeah... On the previous design, they were packed in pretty tight - there was some space on the right, but trying to put something in there would have meant instant "wall of text".

The new layout is 54% larger vertically, room for answers to breathe... So I'd like to see at least the Creation Date listed to the right of each answer.

timestamps shown to the right of answers

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I would love to see the creation dates as well. – Kev Nov 24 '11 at 2:37

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