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It's Thanksgiving, so I'm getting my Gaming SE fix through my mobile iPhone browser. I recently received a notable question badge for 'How do I defeat a wispmother in Skyrim?' and wanted to see just how many views it got. I didn't expect to see it initially, but once I sorted by views, I at least expected to see the number of views the question had.

Expected behavior: either views should be populated for questions when sorting by views in the mobile browser or there should be some intuitive way to see views on the mobile browser.

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The mobile browser is not supposed to have all the features.

It's supposed to be able to do all the necessary and somewhat-necessary stuff, that's it.

I hardly look at views, and I believe it's the same for others. The feature's peripheral, not really necessary. The mobile site has to save up on bandwidth, RAM, screen real-estate, etc, so all these unnecessary things aren't there.

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