The bounty on this question expired without an answer. So as expected I got the email reminding me to award it & the grace period to do so after it expired (it can't be awarded after it expires).

..but that bug is covered elsewhere. The meta-bug is that now the grace period should be expiring, it's gone back to "This question had a bounty worth +50 reputation from DenverCoder9 that ended yesterday; you have 24 hours to award the bounty"

Is there no escape from stackoverflow's taunting over my lost bounty?

Edit: the grace period did expire, so it looks like it's just a minor bug, that the message for the grace period says 24 hours when it should say XX minutes.

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What is a "metabug"? And do I understand correctly that you start your post with repeating things that, apparently, are covered elsewhere? I find this a bit confusing! –  Arjan Nov 26 '11 at 10:55
Fair enough, have hyphenated it to meta-bug to make it easier to parse. I just mean this is a further bug in another, already covered bug. –  Mike Howard Nov 26 '11 at 12:17
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