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If yes, then when was Stack Overflow proposed on Area51? And who proposed it? I think it is the most active site in the Stack Exchange network.

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Stack Overflow, Server Fault and Super User (collectively "The Trilogy") were the first three sites in the StackExchange Network and came before Area51. Once The Trilogy was successful (and after a brief foray into a paid SaaS model) we created Area 51 to democratically determine the subjects for the next Q&A sites to add to the network.

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Stack Overflow is the most active site by far - see for detail:

  • Stack Overflow 2.3 million questions
  • Super User 103 thousand questions
  • Server Fault 98 thousand questions

Stack Overflow was announced in April '08 and began in July '08. Area 51 began June '10.

So to answer your headline quetion - No.

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