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I recently witnessed the following question get moved from SO to programmers.SE, and subsequently closed, picking up downvotes along the way:

I am having a hard time learning Python, is it just me?

This is unfortunate, since many, many beginners are bound to have similar questions. How are people supposed to get started programming or pick a language if they don't have a way to get advice from the community?

Where do these questions go?

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Right now there is no Stack Exchange sites that would accept questions like that.

IMHO, it's probably for the better. The choice of language really doesn't matter in 99% of the cases. Although if there were specific requirements at play, choosing a language that fit them would be on-topic at Programmers, but those questions are rather rare.

Other sites like Reddit and Quora are more tolerant of questions like this, so they may be better places to ask.

Further reading:

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It would just help if either someone wrote one canonical blog post about it or we had one question that explains this and the rest can be closed as a dupe of that. – Ivo Flipse Nov 28 '11 at 8:49

Nowhere on the Stack Exchange network; these types of questions are purely subjective and have no definitive answers. They're not the kind of questions we want asked here.

Ok, chat would be a safe place to take it but that's about it.

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