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Refer to the this link, both version 2 and version 3 report that 354 characters are added in body. But apparently, the characters added in version 3 is much more than version 2.

Is this a bug?

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I wonder if it's not a bug but just an accidental re-usage of the previous edit summary. –  Grace Note Nov 27 '11 at 16:24
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2 Answers

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It is not a bug. It is probable that, in the third revision, the user edited the post in two different moments, but still in the grace period (5 minutes). When two edits are done in the grace period, the revision shows them as a unique revision, and the edit summary shown for that revision is the one for the first edit, if it is not edited. This means that, if I edit a post 4 times before 5 minutes are passed from my last edit, the revision will not show 5 revisions more, but just 1.

The user edited the post, effectively adding 354 characters (let's call this "edit A"), clicked on "Save Edits," and then edited again the post to add more characters (let's call this "edit B"), before the grace period terminated. When the user did the "edit B," the edit summary shown is the one from "edit A" (in this case, "added 354 characters in body"); the user didn't change it, and "added 354 characters in body" is still used as edit summary, even if the second edit added more characters.
This happens because the edit summary is automatically generated on the first edit (if the user doesn't enter an edit summary), but not in the second edit. If you want to automatically generate an edit summary in the second edit, you should delete the edit summary from the first edit, and a new edit summary would be automatically created; in this case, "added 354 characters in body; added X characters in body" would be generated, where X is the number of characters added in the second edit.

I will show what I mean with an example; I edit one of my answer, adding a HTML comment. (The result would not change if I would add text outside an HTML comment.)

  • I add the HTML comment.


  • I click on "Save Edits," and I look what the revision page says. As you can see the edit summary has been automatically generated (I didn't write it).


  • I edit again my question, adding the same comment I added before.


  • I check what the revision page says. The revision page says I added 136 characters, but I added more characters.


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Yes, definitely not a bug, and I actually quite enjoy this feature. This way when you edit and you make a mistake, you can still edit it again quickly without adding another edit. A good alternative: actually include a reason rather than using the "added x characters in body." I at least type "Formatting" or something simple to at least clarify what in general I edited. –  animuson Nov 27 '11 at 20:11
I appreciate your zeal for documentation. You explained this very well. –  Jason Plank Nov 27 '11 at 22:58
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You are correct. Revision 3 adds at least 635 characters.

So yes it is a bug. But not a very high priority one.

Both revisions are entered by the same user within 30 minutes.

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