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How do “badges” work?

I've noticed only some badges can be earned multiple times whilst others cannot. For example I can get the 'Nice Answer' as many times as I like yet I can only earn the Mortarboard badge once.

Which badges are stackable? Is there or should there be a way of finding out by looking at the badges description?

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In How do "badges" work?, you'll get the list of badges that can be awarded more than once. – Mat Nov 27 '11 at 21:38

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I'd guess it has to do with the presence of counted tags. Nice Answer has its Good and Great answer levels, but no "10 posts with a score of 10" counterpart, while Mortarboard has the Epic and Legendary counterparts, "Earned 200 daily reputation 50/150 times." So some badges have levels based on how high a threshold you reach, and others are based on how many times you reach a threshold, but it seems there are no progressions that have both.

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