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The description of the rules for awarding tag badges as stated on the badges page seems inconsistent and confusing.

kitty no like-y

This mso faq post states that the metric used is "sum of upvotes - sum of downvotes". However, badge descriptions (and tooltips) use the term "upvotes" (which isn't accurate) while the legend on the page use "total score" (without explaining what a score means).


  • Always use "total score" ("upvotes" is misleading) when describing the tag badges. E.g.:

    Achieve a total score of 100 for at least 20 answers in the tag

  • Explicitly define what "total score" means, perhaps in a tooltip and/or a link in the legend section to the relevant faq.

Here's a mockup to speak the thousand words...


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A freehand cat? I'm still in shock over this innovation. It shall be the new gold standard of Meta illustration. –  Pëkka Nov 28 '11 at 17:20
Looks like I'm not the only one misled by the description (upvotes vs score). Converted question to a feature-request. –  Shawn Chin Nov 29 '11 at 10:12

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