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It seems hard to place this question on Stackoverflow to correct site:
Is the concept of a clustered index in a DB design sensical when using SSDs?

Reading comments people would place it on:

  • server fault
  • programmers
  • dba

and maybe even

  • superuser

I'm pretty sure it doesn't belong to stackoverflow. I voted for programmers. But where would it actually fit best?

important: This question got transferred to which atually seems to be the best option (although not available to close-rep moderators within the options that open).

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+1 for coming here to ask instead of continuing to wander around the site "blind"! – Pops Nov 28 '11 at 19:53
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Programmers SE is for non-programming matters that are unique to the programming profession (i.e. "being a programmer," not "doing programming"). This question is about databases. I think a comment posted to the question sums it up best:

This is right up the alley of what DBAs do day-in-day-out. Database Administrators SE is chock full of extremely talented and experienced DBAs. They know the inner workings of the database engine like the back of their hands. – Shark 53 secs ago

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Thanks for the answer. I agree although I close-voted for programmers because (A) there's no option for and (B) it seemed non-development question that is related to developers who decide on DB strategy... But yes DBA seems a much better fit. – Robert Koritnik Nov 28 '11 at 19:56
Yeah, the lack of migration options can be annoying. You can always flag for a mod and say which site you think is right for migration; mods can migrate from anywhere to anywhere. – Pops Nov 28 '11 at 20:03

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