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When casting a delete vote on the question How to make array from array by using some seperator? (possibly 10K only), I was prompted by this dialog:

enter image description here

For another question to be a duplicate of this lowly rated question, it is probably the same question repeated by the same person, but I prefer to check it before continuing with my action. To that end, this dialog serves a good purpose but it doesn't empower me - I have to quit out of the dialog and manually find (and check) the duplicate question before deleting the current question.

Suggestion: include a link to the duplicate question in the text of the dialog, that way I can navigate to it in a separate browser tab and review it before deciding whether to continue with my delete vote.

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Even better: make the popup display the duplicate, the way the close dialog does. – Josh Caswell Nov 30 '11 at 6:51

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