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Yesterday I asked a question on 'Programmers' that created a bit of a stir:

Why does this question exist twice? Stack Exchange Multiverse?

Today I have another question along similar lines. It's a question regarding unusual syntax in a particular language. Because Stackoverflow is about answering questions specific to problems in a users code base, I thought a general question about a language syntax would go to 'Programmers'. Now I'm confused. Can someone direct me to the proper place to post a question like this?


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If the question is primarily conceptual, ask it on programmers. If it's primarily about code, put it on SO.

Another way to look at it is: if the problem is best worked out on a white-board, put it on Programmers. If the problem is best worked out in an IDE, ask it on Stack Overflow.

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Well, is it a a question regarding unusual syntax in a particular language or is it a general question about ... language syntax?

In the first case, I'd say it should definitely go to SO.

In the second case, it sounds like it might be a subjective question, in which case it might not be a great fit for either SO or Programmers. But if it's not too subjective, it sounds to me like a better fit for Programmers.

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It's not subjective, it's very specific. Sounds like Stackoverflow is the place to go. – JoeM05 Nov 30 '11 at 17:43

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