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Bounty tab in profile has oddly-behaving sort/filter options

I KNOW I have one active bounty (let us just start off with that).

When I 1st go to my profile page and click on bounties it looks like this, showing all the bounties I have ever offered:

ok step one

Ok that is fine.

Now onto clicking on active bounties: ok step two of our plan to take over the universe


But now when I reload the profile page and click on bounties It ends up automatically showing the view as if I had clicked on active.

Is there a way to get back to that original view? or is this ?

Adding the tag as per Michael Mrozek's answer

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Well, if you want to see all bounties you've offered, switch to the "offered" filter; it's by design that profile pages remember the filter you've selected. However, it looks like a that by default it highlights "active" but shows inactive bounties

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