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I'm trying to (eventually) write a query to give me number of upvotes per day for a given tag. Unfortunately I'm having trouble getting off the ground. Right now I'm just trying to get answers I've written for questions tagged JavaScript

select * 
from Posts 
where Posts.PostTypeId = 2 and 
       (select 1 
        from PostTags where PostTags.PostId = Posts.ParentId and PostTags.TagId = 3))
     and Posts.OwnerUserId = 352552

This does seem to give me javascript answers I've written, but only 7 of them; I have much, much more than that.

And this similar attempt produces the same:

select * 
from Posts 
where Posts.PostTypeId = 2 and ParentId IN
       (select PostId 
        from PostTags where PostTags.TagId = 3)
     and Posts.OwnerUserId = 352552

Clearly I'm making at least one invalid assumption about the data model. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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It seems that most of your answers in tag were posted very recently. However, the data explorer does not point to the real time data. The data explorer that you are querying against contains data up to September 2011. So, if you had only answered 7 questions in tag before September 2011, then you are going to see only those 7 records.

Check the following link for cc-wiki-dump releases:

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Ahh - I didn't realize the cache was so old. Thank you – Adam Rackis Dec 1 '11 at 20:48

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