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I am using a small screen from Remote Desktop with resolution 800x600 (I have my reasons, please don't point out why/how ect...) and while I am trying to display definition of each tag it makes my screen unreadable, because it creates a scroll bar which cannot be reached by using a mouse pointer nor using a arrows which make my tooltip information disappear.

I am using Firefox 8.0.

Here is a screen shot:

enter image description here

This is another problem I have pointed out while browsing this network in small screen.

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This happens on a regular session (Chrome in Windows 7) too. – ChrisF Dec 5 '11 at 11:23
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While your particular case (as explained here) is below the threshold screen width that we support, this also (as ChrisF notes) happend with a width of 1024px. That's fixed in the next build.

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