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The PostgreSQL team has moved their development docs to a new site, as is documented in this thread on pgsql-www and on the PostgreSQL website. Old links were broken for a couple of days but have (mostly) been fixed by now and get redirected. However, the PostgreSQL team encourages to update links, as you can read in the thread above.

Discussion of officially available PostgreSQL docs.

I checked for old links to the PostgreSQL developer docs with a search on SO:

I also wrote a query on data.SE to check posts and comments. I did not find a way to search for comments in the search interface on SO. The search uses considerable resources, so I picked one example and commented out the rest - including an UPDATE statement to fix all occurrences.

Found 83 posts (currently) and 19 comments (snapshot on data.SE) for SO.
Found 7 posts and 1 comment on serverfault.SE.
Found 2 posts on superuser.SE. Fixed those right away.


  • I could go and edit all the posts, but I cannot fix comments. Also, this is stupid work that should be taken care of by the SQL commands I prepared, and more reliably, too. Can an admin apply the prepared UPDATE statement - provided we can agree upon its usefulness?

  • Should we update links to point to the new location of the development docs or to the the docs for the current release. I propose to fix the links properly as practically all of them should point to /current rather than /devel in the first place.

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