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I am referring to Replacing drupal registration and login with facebook login that has been closed as off-topic. What is the rationale behind that?

  • The question is about developing, as stated in the first lines
  • The OP explains what he already tried
  • The OP describes what he is not able to do

The question is probably a not good question, but from this to defining it off-topic there is quite a difference. The message given to the OP, when saying the question is off-topic, is that he should not ask questions about Drupal development on Stack Overflow, while the user can find many questions about that on the same site.

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maybe because we have – igor milla Dec 7 '11 at 18:00
Development questions about Drupal are still on-topic on Stack Overflow. – kiamlaluno Dec 7 '11 at 18:03
i'm not against them, but I think some people could consider that they are off topic just because we have drupal.SE – igor milla Dec 7 '11 at 18:07
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I originally closed it as off-topic pending a request to be migrated over to the Drupal StackExchange site.

As per the Drupal StackExchange site FAQ section "What kind of questions can I ask here?", this falls under the following point:

  • Drupal development/theming how-tos

That said, your points about the question's legitimacy on SO are valid (it's on-topic on SO and on Drupal) so I've reopened it, but left it open to migration to the Drupal site.

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