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The tags page has a text box Type to find tags. When I start typing, I get a list of available tags. I've noticed a problem with certain tag names. Take googleearth (5 questions tagged) vs google-earth (12 questions tagged) for example.

When I start typing "google", I get a list of all google* tags. However, entering "google earth" in the textbox gives me just one tag: googleearth.

I think entering "google earth" in the textbox should return both googleearth and google-earth. It seems like this is how it works when entering tags when I Ask a Question.

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Spaces aren't valid tag characters, and are simply ignored. When you type a character that doesn't exist in a tag it is truncated server-side.

google earth => googleearth
google!$%)earth => googleearth
google$%-e => google-e
google-earth => google-earth

The behaviour you're describing is because tag search on ask a new question treats spaces as delimiters. So if you type hello world it will mark the first tag as hello and the suggestion drop-down will be possible matches for the word world. The word hello won't be considered at all in the search, as it appeared before the space. The error you describe is actually a misconception of how the tag search works.

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Goto "Ask a new question" and type (without quotes) the tag "google earth" and see what the drop-down box offers: both "googleearth" and "google-earth". Why doesn't it do this on the Tags page? – Pete Jul 31 '09 at 21:14
That's not what happens. Try it out. I type "google earth", then select from the drop-down "google-earth" and my question is tagged "google google-earth". – Pete Jul 31 '09 at 21:21
Yes... that's exactly what I described... words before a space are not considered at all in the search. – Ian Elliott Jul 31 '09 at 21:24
D'oh! <smack's head> I see... "earth" is matching google-EARTH. Sometimes I'm thick! :) – Pete Jul 31 '09 at 21:27

You might be interested in this topic: The Great Tagging Reorg. It talks not abut ensuring that the myriad google*earth tags show up, but about consolidating tags under an accepted name.

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