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Yesterday I could've sworn that I created both the tag wiki and excerpt for . However, I was awarded the Tag Editor badge and after seeing this question, I went to look at the history only to find that Community♦ had apparently beaten me to it.

What's worse, looking through Community♦'s (hard to link to) activity, I see that contrary to what's in the history, Community♦ actually wrote exactly what I wrote, before I wrote it! Pre-plagiarism!

So what are the recommended steps for dealing with pre-plagiarism on SO?

(Really though, what's going on? Is this some hack to give tag wiki creators the Tag Editor badge?)

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When the tag wiki doesn't exist, and you are creating it, it's really Community♦ that creates an empty tag wiki, to which is then added your proposed edit, when it gets approved.

Only 20k users can edit any tag wiki present in a site; in that case, the tag wiki is not first created by Community♦.


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