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Sorry for asking this kind of question, but i am very much confused. My confusion is as follows:

  1. How do I insert image in stackoverflow question?
  2. How are reputations scores calculated?
  3. What are badges?
  4. How do I search and filter questions?

Thank you in advance for helping me.


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How do I insert image in stackoverflow question?

Put this where you want the image to show up:

![alternate text of image][1]

And put this at the very end of the question:

[1]: http://url_of_image

Increment the number in both places for additional images.

Alternatively, use the image button in the Question Editor.

For more, click the editing help button

How are reputations scores calculated?

From the FAQ:

Here's how it works: if you post a good question or helpful answer, it will be voted up by your peers: you gain 10 reputation points. If you post something that's off topic or incorrect, it will be voted down: you lose 2 reputation points. You can earn up to 200 reputation per day, but no more. (Note that votes for any posts marked "community wiki" do not generate reputation.)

What are badges?

Badges are awarded for meeting certain criteria. More info on the Badges page, along with a list of each badge and the corresponding criteria.

Ask questions, provide answers, vote for the things you find helpful — and Stack Overflow will bestow badges upon you.

How do I search and filter questions?

Full documentation of StackOverflow's search is available here.

  1. I have never add an image, I don't know how this is done
  2. See this question.
  3. Badges are earned for performing specific tasks within the system that have been deemed as encouragable actions. Some are as easy as filling out information about yourself (autobiographer), others require consistent involvement with the site, like tag-specific badges.
  4. You can search for questions using the search bar found in the top left corner of every page. Additionally, you can use google/bing/your search engine of choice to search for content on SO. Additionally, the engine provides the ability to mark certain tags as "interesting", doing this will provide additional visual highlighting of questions with those tags when browsing through lists of questions on the site.

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