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This is question is 30% tongue in cheek and 70% serious.

I don't know why, but questions on SO that start with the word 'So' (as in "So, I'm writing this killer app.."), or 'hey' are really annoying.

Those words in this position are redundant and usually the question will make perfect sense without them. Could they be removed automatically when a question is submitted?

Here is an example, which is not necessarily a bad question, but it does illustrate my point.

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@Duncan Babbage nice edit :) – vascowhite Dec 10 '11 at 10:36
Can't say I'm too excited about all these automatic filters, but this one seems harmless enough. – hammar Dec 10 '11 at 11:01
Most salutations are already removed from posts. I don't know how I feel about "So, …" though. Yet another filter that's now really breaking intentional language aspects. I mean, yes, it's not perfect written style, but we're no English course here. – slhck Dec 10 '11 at 11:07
I don't get too obsessed about this, but I do remove these salutations if I am editing the post for some other reason. I wouldn't edit a post just for this. Well, I haven't done so yet :) – vascowhite Dec 10 '11 at 21:03
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It doesn't matter.

Imo, no form of automatism can ever really solve general individualism issues.

It's the same thing as with the automatic deletion of salutations and closings:

  • some will be happy that some more noise has been automatically removed
  • some will be annoyed by the discussions and rollback wars such thing will produce
  • some will still be unhappy that the rest of the post still is not keeping it to the point
  • some will think "What's the problem? Why don't they just read over it?"
  • some will think "Why I'm not allowed to be polite as usual when posting?"
  • [.. insert gazillions of more individual thoughts here ...]
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Why not also remove these "no value", but all too common, closings:

  • Any help appreciated
  • Thanks
  • Any ideas?

I'm all for being polite, but keep it to the point. Salutations and niceties are not needed and just take up screen real estate.

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