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Is a question of the form "Is feature X supported / going to be supported in language Y? (and why not)" appropriate in StackOverflow?

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This seems like it would be a good candidate for FAQ. Should it be tagged with [faq-proposed]? – Josh Caswell Dec 13 '11 at 22:29
I'm fairly sure this has been asked before. – ChrisF Dec 13 '11 at 22:36
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I think it depends on the nature of feature X and language Y. I mean, if it's a really simple, answerable question like:

  • Does C++ support pre-processor directives?

You can fall back to the numerous "simple" question threads for your answer of whether SO should be the authoritative source on that.

If it's a question that's more complicated or language-specific, like:

  • Will PLINQ eventually include support for WCF Data Services in the final release version of .NET 4.5 or .NET 5.0?
  • Or does D have built-in (or library support) for an observer/event pattern?

I think that clearly falls under StackOverflow to answer (as long as its not a duplicate, in which case we can flag it as so!)

If it's more of a theory/conceptual question, like:

  • How does the Enumerable pattern work behind the scenes in C#?
  • Can you explain the background mechanics of the garbage collector in Java?

It probably belongs on Programmer's

Any of those that end in the and why or and why not, should also probably go to Programmer's as it's more of a discussion at that point, about the theory of why it was or wasn't included in the language, and no verifiable/working answer can be given.

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